Peninsula Powder Coating is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any applicant because of race, color, religion, sex, marital status, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation or any other class protected by federal, state or local law.

High School


Trade, Business or Night Courses


Employment History

Please account for the last 4 positions you have held. Start with your present employer. You may iinclude military service and any verifiable work performed as an intern or volunteer.

Carefully read all parts of this application form before sending

  1. I understand that acceptance of this application by Peninsula Powder Coating does not imply that I will be employed. (Exceptions to A is an employee filling out this application for promotional purposes only.)
  2. The information that I have provided is true and complete. I understand that misrepresentation or omission of any fact in my application, resume, or in any other materials or as provided during interviews, can be justification for refusal of employment or can be justification for termination from employment, if employed.
  3. In processing my application for employment, Peninsula Powder Coating may verify all of the information provided by me concerning, among other things, my prior employment or miltary record, education, character, general reputation and personal characteristics
  4. I authorize Peninsula Powder Coating to take whatever steps deemed necessary to obtain information regarding my qualifications for employment including contacting my former employers, by contacting individuals listed as business, educational or personal references, and by contacting other individuals to provide or further clarify information about me.
  5. I hereby release my former employers and all individuals contacted for factual informationn about me from any and all liability for damages arising from furnishing the requested information.
  6. If employed by Peninsula Powder Coating, I understand that as a condition of employment, I may be required to furnish additional or updated medical information, that I may be required to undergo a physical examination, that I may be subject to drug and /or alcohol testing, that Peninsula Powder Coating may request a Criminal Offense Record Inquiry (CORI check) on me, investigate my driving record or verify my license(s) or certification(s) as required for employment at any time during my employment. As a condition of employment an employee may be required to provide additional or updated information especially if this employee has been on workers comp and may require both drug testing and an employment physical in order to allow us to have the necessary information for making a proper decision or reasonable accommodations, if necessary.
  7. I understand that Peninsula Pwder Coating is an at-will employer. If employed, I understand that my employment may be terminated with or without cause at any time.